Hans Kreisel windsurft 100+ km/uur

Kort geleden interviewde windsurfing.nl Hans Kreisel over de sessies gedurende dit jaar. Nu een paar weken later is er op 02-06-2015 een magisch moment aangebroken. Hans ‘Blue Steel’ Kreisel piekt een snelheid op the brace van maarliefst 100.26 km/uur! Dit is wat Hans Kreisel melde op zijn facebook pagina en op gps speedsurfing: World Record open water/natural speed venue. Damn what a day. Yesterday i was contacted by a reporter for a story about me and speedsurfing and the speeds i’m doing lately. My goal to beeing the fastest windsurfer in the world. They chose the right day to come filming!!!! My first run out directly dis my fastest run and peaked 100,26km/h Conditions were really rough and extreme downwind especially going in to the run. A lot of guys were really struggling getting… more