The 2016 Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge will crown world champions

It’s official the 2016 Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge will crown speed sailing world champions, from June 1st-5th, in Fuerteventura’s Matas Blancas, Canary Islands. The event designed by Bj√∂rn Dunkerbeck will simultaneously host the 2016 ISWC World Championship and, as a result, the competition will crown world champions in two divisions – Men and Women. Youth and Junior sailors will also receive awards for their performances. Speed is probably one of the most exciting disciplines in windsurfing. And the stakes are set high. The world record for the fastest ever windsurf run – 53.27 knots – belongs to Antoine Albeau. The French raised the bar in Namibia during the 2015 Luderitz Speed… more