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Praktische informatie Techno-talents Trofee

Aankomend weekend staan de wedstrijden om de Techno-talents Trofee op het programma. De wedstrijden sluiten aan…
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Fiona Wylde – I Got This Kai..

A nice clip with some impressive wave sailing from the Maui based Fiona... more
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Marc Paré – 60 Knots at Home

A short but cool clip from Marc Paré who scores an insanely windy session at home,…
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Samsung Galaxy Surfboard

We all love our technology whether it be phones, tablets or smart watches but what about…
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No Rules- Adrenaline Junkies or Plain Stupid

Slalom is arguably the most dangerous competitive discipline in windsurfing, with no rules and sailors rigging…
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Can windsurfing be prescribed as medication?

Is there more to windsurfing than what we might have expected? Can windsurfing prevent mental illnesses…
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