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Laurence Carey steals the 2016 New Zealand Slalom Windsurfing Nationals

Laurence Carey has been crowned champion at the 2016 New Zealand Slalom Windsurfing Nationals, held at…
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How to be true windsurfer and improve the community

A group of Swedish windsurfers is showing the way forward in how to support fellow sailors,…
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Lars Petersen shares his Scandinavian “Fire”

He is one of the windsurfing veterans on the PWA World Tour. Lars Petersen, 46, is…
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Malaysia faces exclusion from World Sailing

Malaysia might be banned from World Sailing after prohibiting two Israeli windsurfers from competing at the…
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Matteo Iachino eyes world title with Starboard and Point-7

Matteo Iachino has signed with Starboard and Point-7. The Italian windsurfer makes a strategic move for…
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From piano classes to windsurfing glory: the story of Sarah Hauser

Sarah Hauser is the star of "Girl On Wave," a documentary that reveals how the New…
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